Anti Block

Additive Masterbatches:

Layers of plastic films have tendency to stick together (BLOCK) , making it difficult to separate film layers , especially LDPE, LLDPE,HMHDPE ,PP ,EVA Films.

Anti Block Masterbatches are added during manufacturing of films and bags to separate both layers easily (prevent sticking together). They are useful to lessen the adhesion between films and surface of other objects. These Masterbatches act by producing a slight roughening of the surface-thus allowing easy opening of films.

Many types of Anti Block are available, ranging from synthetic silica for high clarity, through natural silica to offer high performance where cost is important and clarity can be compromised, to talc where simple Anti Block without clarity is required.

Anti Block masterbatches can be produced in a wide range of polymers including polyethylene, polypropylene, ionomers, polyamides, thermoplastics polyurethanes and others.

Combinations with Anti Block and slip additive offer cost effective products for use in the film industry. Anti Block agents are mainly used in film extrusion.

Sri Vasavi Pigments (P) Ltd. use both synthetic amorphous precipitated silica and natural silica depending on end use products. Silica is fine white odourless powder, chemically inert, non toxic and free from impurity.

Some Anti-Blocking MBs offered by Sri Vasavi Pigments (P) Ltd. are



Products Name    



Active Ingredient





ANTISTATIC MB 01 (S91112)  PE    10% LDPE,LLDE & TQPP FILM 5 - 15% 1-3% Easy open abiity
ANTISTATIC MB 01 (S91102) EVA 25% EVA FILM 1-3% Easy open abiity
ANTISTATIC MB 01 (S91103) PE 10% EVA hand golves 5-8% Easy open abiity
SLIP + ANTISTATIC MB 01 (S91104) PE 8% LDPE,LLDPE Flim 1.2% Easy open abiity and smooth Processing