Nucleating Agent

Additive Masterbatches:

Nucleating Agents:

These additives MB are used for increasing the transparency in PP Moulded products.This Masterbatch contains third generation sorbitol derivative nucleating agents.

Nucleating agent is a sorbitol based clarifying agent for polypropylene. Its nucleating activity results in the formation of spherulites that are less than 1 micron in size in comparison to non-nucleated products whose spherulites are larger than 20 microns. Spherulites are spherical semi crystalline regions inside non-branched linear polymer.

The reduction in size of the spherulites brings increased transparency and rigidity of materials. Higher crystallization temperature results in shorter processing time, faster cycles and therefore higher output and productivity in short lower production cost. PP Containing nucleating agent is recommended to be processed at a melt temperature of 230-240 deg. Centigrade and with maximum back pressure in the injection moulding machine.

Nucleating agents also improve the mechanical properties of PP like hardness, Tensile strength, elongation, elastic modulus and impact strength.
It also shortens the cycle time in injection moulding process, since it reduces cooling time.

Nucleating Agent Mastebatches offered by Sri Vasavi Pigments (P) Ltd. are



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NUCLEATING AGENT MB (S 911121) PE 10% Flims, PP moulded products like Disposable syringes , Containers, Buckets, Jugs , Bottles etc. 1-2% Increasing the transparancy of the product
NUCLEATING AGENT MB (S 911122) PP 12% Films , PP Moulded products like Disposable syrings , Containers , Buckets ,Jugs ,Bottles etc  1-2% Increasing the transparancy of the product